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Concept Note

“Africa Beyond Aid : Enhancing institutional capacity and innovative finance for sustainable growth” has been chosen as the theme for the 2019 African Caucus meeting to be held in Accra, Ghana, on July 31-August 2, 2019. The proposed theme sets the vision and ambition for Africa to transform and grow its economies faster and provide jobs for all its citizenry. Under the broad scope of this theme, and in view of the important steps African countries need to take to drive this vision, enhancing institutional capacity and promoting innovative finance will remain key in the quest to maximize domestic and external resources for development. This theme is particularly relevant as the WB and development partners embark on the IDA19 replenishment this year…


Overarching Concept Note

Enhancing Human Capacity and Skills Development to accelerate JET_ Concept Note

Promoting Innovative Finance for Private Sector-led Growth_Concept Note Note

Strengthening Institutional Capacity and PFM